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About complex

CHKALOV Tower is located in the center of Odessa, and consists of 13 residential floors, 2 floors of commercial premises and 3-level parking lot with a circular motion. Also more than 1000 sq.m. of improved area for all year around residents' rest.




Фото - Entrance Lobby
Entrance Lobby

CHKALOV Tower entrance lobby forms good attitude of quality and comfort life to guests and residents. Elements of artistic appearance of reception, open space and rest zone are worked out in detailed way.

Фото - Atrium

Atrium occupies a central place in the composition of CHKALOV Tower. It is crowned by transparent roof. Perimeter gallery is lighted by sunlight during the day and it has a warm lighting at night.

Фото - Atrium Hall
Atrium Hall

Atrium Hall is part of the well-designed area of the CHKALOV Tower. Imitation water space, high columns and arches are made in the architectural style of CHKALOV Tower façade. Artificial waterfall is a great place for fun and leisure.

Фото - Niches for Air Conditioner
Niches for Air Conditioner

In CHKALOV Tower there are special niches for placement of outdoor air conditioners blocks on the facade of the building. It is equipped with a system of centralized condensate disposal and closed by louvered grille.

Фото - Landscaped yard
Landscaped yard

Large Landscaped Yard with views to the historic center aesthetically connects Atrium Hall with the external environment. Form of semi-covered terrace protects it from snow, rain and hot sun. Walking is absolutely possible in the Landscaped Yard in CHKALOV Tower in any weather all the year round.

3-level Parking Lot

In CHKALOV Tower there is a 3-level parking area with a circular motion at every floor. There are more than 90 parking slots. Independent entrance/exit are equipped by barriers and organized by side of Bolshaya Arnautskaya.

Фото - 3-level Parking Lot
Panoramic windows

Because of original architecture, each apartment in CHKALOV Tower has panoramic windows that provide a high level of insolation and magnificent views to the historic city regardless of the floor.

Фото - Panoramic windows

Facade of CHKALOV Tower is made in the style of 30s American industrial buildings. Facade of residential floors will be made of natural stone. Also there will be the lighting system, which will give a certain charm to the architecture of the CHKALOV Tower at night.

Фото - Facade
Panoramic elevators

Panoramic elevators with a transparent cabins and individual decoration fill the atrium with the dynamics and light that's why movement between floors becomes fascinating trip.

Фото - Panoramic elevators

CHKALOV Tower is located in center of Odessa. The surrounding area offers everything what you need for a comfortable life - schools, pre-schools, theaters, cafes, restaurants, museums. The beach and sea is only in 1,000 meters.

Фото - Location
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