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Progress of Tower CHKALOV Construction as of 27.09.2016

Dear customers, we inform you about the progress of work at the construction site of Residential Complex Tower CHKALOV.

All types of facade works are implemented: from insulation to decorative elements. The first painting of the facade is planned as at the beginning of October. In addition, delivery of the batch of granite panels for the facade to Odessa is expected at the beginning of the next month.

More detailed information on the progress of works at the construction site as of September 27, 2016:


• In the residential part of the building (from the 6th to the 19th floors) the walling on all floors is completed, except for 18th floor – the masonry is at final stage. Walling in the whole non-residential part (from 1st to 5th floors) is completed.

• Installation of the systems for suspended ventilation façade made of granite of the first five floors is completed.


• Facade insulation by mineral wool is in progress.

• Plastering is in progress.

• Installation of anchors for decorative aluminum elements on the façade is completed.

• Installation of aluminum systems for glazing is in progress.

• Installation of electrical power supply systems for lighting the facade is in progress

Canopy tops:

• Installation of the frames of the lower canopy (between the 17th and 18th floors) and the upper canopy (between the 18th and 19th floors), as well as the canopy on the 19th floor is completed.


  • Arrangement of the roof is in progress: heat insulation of the roof is completed above the 18th floor (terrace), 80% of surface casting are implemented, waterproofing will commence soon.
  • Frame above the terrace of the 5th floor in completed, wherein the restaurant will be located.

Heating and air conditioning systems:

  • Installation of vertical heating pipelines is commenced.
  • Fixings for interfloor areas in the shafts are mounted, wherein the air conditioners will be placed. Platforms are ordered from the factory.

Tower CHKALOV is a luxury residential complex built in the heart of Odessa. Respectable entrance room opening into a luxurious lobby, a spacious hall of the atrium with a decorative water space, tall columns, arches and artificial waterfall, which will be crowned by translucent dome, luxurious finishing of common areas, panoramic elevators and a three-level parking  area - are daily confirmation of the status and prestige of the complex residents .

Tower CHKALOV is the only project in Odessa with the well-developed area for year-round recreation and open-air walk on the 5th floor with an area above 1000 sq.m.

For more information about the Residential Complex “Tower CHKALOV” please contact our Sales Office

Thanks to Tower CHKALOV, purchase of elite class apartment from a reliable developer in a modern and high-quality building is absolutely real. 

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