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Progress of Tower CHKALOV Construction as of 15.08.2016

Dear customers, construction of Tower CHKALOV is massively implemented 

Dear customers, construction of Tower CHKALOV is massively implemented. Masonry is almost completed, heat insulation of the façade is started, supply of granite panels for façade facing is expected in the nearest future

More detailed information on the progress of works at the construction site as of July 15, 2016:

• In the residential part of the building (from the 6th to the 19th floors) walling on all floors is completed, except the 18th floor – the walling is implemented by 40%.

• In all non-residential part of the building (from the 1st to the 5th floor) walling is completed

• Facade heat insulation by mineral wool is started

• Assembly of 5th floor terrace roof frame is at the end, wherein the restaurant will be located right inside the building.

• Installation of the lower canopy frame (between the 17th and 18th floors) is completed; installation of the upper canopy (between the 18th and 19th floors) is completed by 90%

• Installation of canopy above 19th floor is started

• Installation of building lightning protection system is in progress.

• Installation of electrical power supply systems for lighting the façade is in progress

• The first reservoirs for creation of daily supply of water are delivered

• The materials for roofing on the 18th (terrace) and 19th floors are purchased and delivered

• Installation of aluminum systems for glazing will be launched in the nearest future; the supplier has already started to deliver the relevant material.

Installation of sub-systems for suspended ventilation façade made of granite of the first five floors continues (arches are assembled, the assembly of facades is in progress).

A third part of the order of granite panels is already prepared at the manufacturing factory. Within a week or two the other panels will be manufactured and the whole order will be delivered to Odessa.

Tower CHKALOV is the highest level of comfort, perfection and exclusivity in every detail.

Modern comfortable planning concepts, floor-to-ceiling glazing offering stunning view of the historic city and the sea slick, elite finishing materials, modern engineering, all this ensures an unprecedented level of comfort for the complex residents.

Tower CHKALOV is the only complex in Odessa with developed area for year-round recreation and walks on the 5th floor.

For more information about the Residential Complex Tower CHKALOV please contact our Sales Office

Thanks to Tower CHKALOV, purchase of elite class apartment from a reliable developer in a modern and high-quality building is absolutely real.

Tower CHKALOV is a new, elite chapter in your life and the most profitable investment at any time!

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